Personality is a set of properties, inherent in man, and forming its personality. Think about whether you actually do to form this set? After all, if you want to pick up certain traits, then you're more likely to follow or someone's example, or their own ideas about the ideal. But to vaccinate ourselves something alien is very difficult, if not impossible; in most cases, is rejected. One can only try to change for the better.
Let the sight of you will always have some kind of positive example. This can be someone from your relatives or friends, which many managed to achieve. Copy the best of his features, gradually, checking from time to time whether your "I" to accept the innovations. But never blindly follow the ideal: analyze his actions, make timely insights, ask the opinion of people you respect. It would be foolish to replicate your life with another and replace the "I" of others.
Read more. To learn everything yourself is impossible. Refined life that flows from year to year in one and the same (usually good) conditions, in a circle of the same friends (usually boring and absolutely nothing special-not reached), - the lot of very few people, but even if you life and battered, there will always remain some scope - feelings, knowledge, skills, principles, which you have not touched. So you had at least some idea about it, read books, good books. From them you learn a lot of what you maybe failed to see in life.
Not to alienate themselves from people. Nothing develops a person, as dealing with other personality. At the meeting, do not think that a person you will never need, not meet more or that you don't need him. Be careful with people because there are instances that can break any person, even one as strong as you. However, do not cover the people's eyes, absorbed in himself. They will be able to tell even more than books.
Your personality develops throughout life. The only thing you can do is to direct the course of this development and become that, which is another definition of the word "personality" - a man with a strong personality. Take care of yourself, do not forget about the norms of morality, humanity and mercy. This may sound trite; but these, from age to age repeat the principles and form a real Personality.