To start love yourself. Accept yourself as you are, stop berating yourself and try to discover in itself disadvantages, do not cultivate their complexes. Teach yourself respect yourself, believe in your strength and capabilities. Trust not only your own inner self, but also your body with which you are one
Stop to listen to the opinion of the majority, remove the inner unnecessary prohibitions and restrictions, start listening to your inner reality, live and act in accordance with their notions of justice. Trust yourself and live in the present.
Understand yourself, have a clear idea about yourself and your condition. Your inner vision must constantly assimilate to a new life experience and status, your real and ideal "I" should steadily approach each other in your presentation.
Take fully responsibility for their lives and their actions. This will allow you to inner freedom and to always stay true to yourself and your beliefs.
Store and protect the integrity of his inner world, do not lose the unity between the mind and the senses do not betray their beliefs even in the details, but don't confuse this with stubbornness and conservatism.
Learn to recognize, to realize and correct their mistakes. Personality is not ossified monument, she must constantly change, growth and becoming is a sign that it exists. An important criterion for the development of personality – flexibility and ability to be adequate to the outside world while maintaining their identity.