You need to create a new user

To start creating on your computer a new user, press the home button operating system start. If you are running Windows XP, select settings menu, then control Panel. If you create a new user it is necessary in Windows Vista, click once on the control Panel. Then select user Accounts. Immediately after that, you will have the opportunity to add a new account.

Assign the new entry a specific name. Please note that despite the fact that in Windows you can make a new user with Russian name, I advise all to use the English font. After that, you will need to enter the password that the new user will dial when you log on to the system. Password length must be at least 4 characters. Also experts recommend simultaneous use of digital and alphabetical characters. This process of creating a new user is completed.

How to make a new user to manage different account

Often one of the same computer have to work to several people. They can perform different production tasks, to use a variety of programmes. Therefore, in order not to violate the basic configuration of the operating system, some admins suggest to create a new user for managing the accounts of other people.

This can be done in the following way. After pressing the start button on the panel Windows XP click on the item create an account. If you have installed Windows Vista before doing this, you will need to select the Manage another account and then create an account. Enter the name of the created user, then click the Next button. On the screen, a menu will appear where you can select the specific type of account. Put "bird" on the contrary Limited entry. Now you can control all the actions of the new user you created.