You will need
    • wheat flour — 0.3 kg;
    • yogurt — 2 cups;
    • yeast — 5g;
    • sugar -1 tsp.;
    • margarine — 30g;
    • cheese — 0.3 kg;
    • butter — 30g;
    • green onions — 100g:
    • salt.
For a pie with cheese and onions only suitable wheat flour. Thoroughly sift and pour on the table slide. In the center make a hole. Gradually pour in the deepening of yogurt. Margarine soften (you can just hold it for a while outside the fridge) and add to the future dough. Carefully mix the ingredients, add the yeast and a pinch of salt.
A well knead dough, to constitute a homogeneous elastic mass. Put it in a tall pan, cover and put in a warm place for a couple of hours. Wait until the dough will do.
For this cake it is best to use very fresh cheese, one-day exposure. Remove any liquid (you can just squeeze). Carefully grind a lot to become oily and smooth. Add salt to taste.
Onions wash, remove the feathers dry and finely chop. Connect it to cheese and mix well the filling to the onions spread evenly.
Divide the dough into approximately 4-5 parts. From each piece roll the cake thickness of about 0.5 cm Try to plate was more or less flat.
Arrange the stuffing evenly, leaving the edges of the tortillas strips about 4cm wide. Align the layer of cheese. Fold the edges of the pellet to the middle, gently pull and shape together. Align the pie. Flip it and align again. This operation will repeat several times, trying to give his creation a rounded shape.
Put into pie pan, preferably cast iron. Pre-lubricate the form of fat. On the upper surface make a few small holes to make the cake on exploded.
Preheat the oven to 250°C. Put it in the pan. Bake the pie for about fifteen minutes, until Golden brown. Before serving, brush the top surface with butter. Eat this dish hot.