To pick up men's watches, you should carefully examine yourself. Each person has their own style of conduct, manner of dress and preferences in the choice of accessories. In addition, great importance is social status. Watch is not only a quick way to tell the time, but almost the only decoration that can afford a man.
Decide how much money you are willing to allocate for this purchase. However, remember that the watch should not look as expensive clothes or look too cheap by comparison. Both is a mistake. Business man is better to choose a few models of watches: the classic for work, sporty for active recreation, casual for everyday life and entertainment for important official events. Usually enough two of these types of watches that every man for himself chooses.
Classic watch should be simple and elegant, without unnecessary details. They only show the time and date, and no additional features like a calculator or calendar. A business suit will fit leather strap of black or brown. Often dial classic watch has a round shape, but may also be square, rectangular or barrel-shaped. Keep in mind that their elegance and small thickness are achieved through low water protection, so you need to be careful in the rain or snow.
Sports watches are generally more massive due to the high water resistance, plus they have additional shock protection case. Choose rubber or steel bracelet, leather quickly fails. Such a watch is much heavier and looks rough because of the numerous additional functions and enhanced characters on the dial. They can have a chronograph, pedometer, tachymeter etc.
Casual watch similar to the classic, but they have a metal bracelet. They are suitable for any clothing and are better protected from the action of water, unexpected bumps or falls. In principle, it can be a great replacement to the first embodiment.
Public watch – the most expensive choice, because they need it in order to impress. However, remember that the clothes must be matched with this accessory. Expensive watches amid cheap suit will look weird. In addition, the color of the leather strap should ideally match the color of belt and shoes. It is better to prefer Swiss brand, these watches always look advantageous.
Remember that the diameter of the dial must match the width of the wrist. If it is too large, the hand will look small and Vice versa, a small clock on the big hand are like children. When you purchase a model with a leather strap, note the skin quality and neatness of seams. For watches with steel bracelet pick the best length. They should not be too free and at the same time to move freely when you turn the brush. To remove unnecessary links, you can have a watchmaker.