To solve this problem, there are two main ways.

First, thanks to the spread of broadband Internet access, many providers together with the data transfer service offering its customers the possibility of transmitting a television signal in digital form. On the consumer side, everything looks very simple: a nondescript small box connected to the Internet cable, and on the other to the receiver, make available dozens of channels in magnificent digital quality.

However, there is another way to watch TV via the Internet. Even if your ISP does not provide such services, the number of sites you can discover online broadcast TV channels. For example, on the website these channels are listed more than a thousand. View them directly in the browser on web pages, and with the help of video player. There are specialized programs to view exactly TV programs from the Internet, but you can also use a conventional video player, the majority of whom (including the standard Windows Media Player) support the ability to view the video stream from the Internet.

Thus, already now the majority of Internet users have a great opportunity to enjoy your favorite television programs, not only using the usual terrestrial TV antenna, but even without TV, the screen of your monitor.