Use of pharmaceutical drugs to reduce excess weight only as directed by your doctor, endocrinologist or psychiatrist. Without a prescription can you buy at the pharmacy dietary supplements that improve metabolism, reduce hunger, excrete excess fluid, which helps to lose 1 to 5 kg.
Funds on the basis of sibutramine: "useless", "Lindaksa", "meridia" is pharmaceutical preparations for the treatment of obesity, which have a large range of contraindications, therefore, when choosing get a doctor's recommendation. Capsules or tablets should be taken 1 time per day during Breakfast that allows you to effortlessly control your appetite and lose during the month, 4-6% by weight. Millions of people taking these weight loss products, has acquired the desired shape and continue to support them systematically passing preventive courses of admission.
If your excess weight is the consequence of reduced function of the thyroid gland, you will be assigned a "Triiodothyronine". When you receive this tool, you will significantly lose weight by improving thyroid function, thereby increasing metabolism.
With excess weight, caused by the violation of the cardiovascular system, the drug of choice is "Digoxin". It normalizes blood circulation, has a side effect – reduces appetite, helping to reduce excess weight.
Preparations "Simlin" or "Pramlintide" used as hormone replacement therapy to reduce feelings of hunger and prevent overeating. Synthetic hormones contained in preparations, are produced in increased amounts in persons not prone to being overweight and not produced in individuals who are obese.
Metformin is the active substance of drugs prescribed to normalize blood sugar levels in diabetes of the second type. Choose these funds if you have excess appetite, high blood sugar and cholesterol. Systemic administration of drugs based on Metformin helps to lose weight by 6 kg over 12 months.
"Dezopimon", "Fepranon", "Banderol", "Metlin" - are drugs derived from amphetamine. Contribute to complete relief of feelings of hunger, increase energy potential.
Euromobiliare drugs "Adiposis", "Italian" choose if you need to quickly to not only get rid of extra pounds, but also to model the figure, eliminating fat in problem areas.
"Xenical" does not fat from food to be absorbed and deposited in the depot. At regular admission promotes weight loss and supports the slimming effect obtained by using other drugs. The tool is completely safe for health and can be taken by individuals with serious chronic disease.
Anoretic fillers: "Newnormal", "Amigel'", "Redoux" choose in the case if you are planning to reduce the calorie content and the amount of food consumed. Drugs fill gastrointestinal tract, which creates the feeling of satiety.