Look on the website of your city programme of festive events on the day of Russia. June 12, almost all the concerts and competitions held under the open sky: in city squares, parks, stadiums. Just select the pad, the program of which you are interested most.
You don't have to fill full of shopping bags products, as such events always have a great selection of mobile and stationary kebab houses and cafes. Some rest areas provide the opportunity to have a picnic with his or a rented grill. This information also needs to be clarified in advance.
If you are going to celebrate Russia day as a family with children, take care of the entertainment of kids. In this case it is better to choose an amusement Park. A special holiday program, which is being developed by the administrations of cities, provides fun contests for kids, your kids will remember the clowns and other various shows for the children.
Be sure to view the fireworks if this game will suit the power of your community. After the fireworks go on the summer terrace disco in that day there will be especially fun.
Don't forget that drinking alcoholic beverages in public places prohibited. To celebrate the day of Russia with hot you can at home or in institutions where this is permitted.
The day of Russia it is possible to celebrate at the cottage with the cheerful company of friends and relatives. Take balls for active play outdoors. Don't forget a remedy for sunburn and mosquito bites. Arrange your fireworks, but strictly follow this instruction to use, to get only joy from the spectacle, not of injury.