First, look at the location of the picture. At the top of the sheet draw people with high self-esteem. Those who lack confidence, create your creations below. On the left side painted by those who live in the past, and on the right side of the future.
If a pattern like the honeycomb, the author seeks to calm, balance, harmony and order. A narrower interpretation of the drawing SOT – desire to have a family, often not perceived.
Waves, circles and spirals drawn by people with self-centered and ambitious natureof om. It can also mean that the person wants to end the current case or his large and intractable problems.
Network and grid means that their draw is in an awkward or risky situation. If finally around the figure held a circle, so that the problem is close to solution, or solved.
Dreamers and visionaries are apt to draw something with soft, rounded edges – clouds, sun, flowers. These elements also give cheerful and optimistic personalities.
Recurring motifs, as on a carpet, talking about that man at the moment, dull and dreary. This can cause it to make unusual or extravagant act.
Geometric shapes – triangles, diamonds, squares, give prudently, tend to plan everything, purposeful people. The more angular drawing, the more aggressive personality.
Painted crosses can say about the present in man the sense of guilt that arose recently, probably in the course of conversation.
Men draw the people, which at the moment falls the unpleasant duty. And they want to avoid it, but I'm afraid to give a decisive denial.
The chess Board can draw the man who is afraid of something, afraid to forget or to give someone's secret. He probably feels stuck and wants help.
The circles intersecting and touching each other, and give people who feel deprived, lonely. They need friendship and attention of others.