To calculate net profit is quite simple. It is necessary to determine the period for which the calculation will be performed.
To determine the net profit necessary to determine the formula that will be used for all calculations.
The net profit of the company can be determined when known, the following indicators: gross profit, financial profit, the amount paid for the period taxes other operating income.
The formula for net profit calculation are as follows:
Net income = financial income + gross profit + other operating profit – taxes.
To calculate net profit, you need to use the data from the financial statements. Net profit (RAS) is formed on the account "gains and losses".
To calculate gross profit, you need the following data: earnings for the designated period and the cost of production. To obtain gross profit subtract from the first indicator and the second.
Other operating profit is defined as the difference between other operating income and expenses. In order to calculate your financial gain, you should subtract from the financial income expenses in this category.
After you calculate the metrics, you can determine the size of net profit. If you received value with the sign "-", respectively, the company during the study period suffered losses.
The resulting net income is typically used by company at the discretion of management. As a rule, the net profit goes to pay operating costs. Sometimes net profit to accumulate or used for charitable purposes.