For a 5-6 year old kid find a good art Studio or art school. In them, children learn the basic laws of perspective and space, learn techniques of light and shade, and expand their range of colors and shades. Here students are introduced to concepts of composition and story, talk about the main genres and types of art. Children learn and Refine a variety of artistic techniques (drawing, sculpture modeling, different types of paintings, collage). Children learn to work not only with paints and pencils, but also with pastels, gouache and charcoal. Classes in the art Studio and art school are held several times a week and takes about 1-2 hours. The training period ranges from five to eight years, at the end of training the diploma.
If your child has a talent and desire to become an artist professional, search for a suitable art school. Selection of children in these schools are more strict for admission, he will need to pass a test in the form of a competition. The optimal age for admission to art school for 10 years. Training in such institutions free of charge. Classes are held twice a week for three academic hours.
Each art school has its own curriculum, but in any of them adhered to the basic principle of training "from simple to complex." First, students learn drawing, then painting and composition. Modern art schools offer a lot of directions for further study. Among them, traditional paintings, graphic and decorative art as well as new. It is a design and computer graphics. In addition, students gain theoretical knowledge in art history. Such a school would be a great base to prepare your child for admission to art school or Institute.