To rent space at an inflated price is not always possible, even after large agencies. The fact that these square meters are in demand for a few tenants. That is, if your room meets all the requirements of the recruiters (usually it has some specific features), it may agree to your offer. But wait, such a customer can be very long. Therefore it is better to push away from market average prices in the evaluation of your premises.
As for the safety of the premises in the original form is unreal. Even the most diligent tenants in the process of its use will inevitably cause him some damage (ranging from elementary impurities, ending with finish damage). If you really value your space, they will discuss compensation for its damage in the contract.
This implies that making a contract with the tenant, you will not be able to avoid taxation of your income from the rental of rooms for rent.
And in order to quickly find a tenant who will suit you and which will suit your premises and its price, and avoid a heap of problems, it is better to contact a reliable Agency with experience not less than 5 years.
This means that the first thing you need to do is to find a good Agency that deals with rental properties. With this organization it is necessary to conclude an agreement for the provision of services. As a rule, the landlord no Commission is charged. Further, the agent will ask you to show him your room, after which he will be able to determine the amount that you can count on. Agent will offer and the best way to get your rent. Typically, for commercial real estate payments made on a quarterly basis, but for residential – monthly. If your room is no valuable things, you can safely leave the keys to a real estate agent to show it to future tenants, not taking you. And the last step is getting acquainted with the tenants and conclude with them the lease.