Immediately before the registration of the contract of purchase and sale of car the owner of the car must remove the car from the state register in MREO (on examination division DAI) at the place of its registration. The procedure is as follows, the owner will first have to take a turn at the compulsory examination verification numbers, then buy an official form for reporting examination. After completing this procedure, you must pay a fee for the services of ired. Upon presentation of the receipt, the examiner will give you my opinion. On a sheet of A4 paper make a written application addressed to the inspector DAI request for the removal of the vehicle from the register. Don't forget to attach the report of examination.
The second stage - the conclusion of the contract of purchase and sale. Both parties to the contract (seller and buyer) need to be careful when signing. Subject to the agreement of purchase and sale is a car, the ownership passes from the seller to the buyer with all the ensuing consequences. The contract of sale of the car in Ukraine requires mandatory notarization. A mandatory condition of the contract is the exact price of the sold machine and the consent of the owner of the vehicle with the specified amount.
The new owner of the car would have to put it on public record. Now the buyer will have to pay all duties and taxes stipulated by Ukrainian legislation. The machine should be evaluated (before the sale if she did not pass the assessment process) and declared by the appraiser of the cost to pay 3% to the Pension Fund of Ukraine. By the way, at the conclusion of the contract by a notary certification thereof must also pay the purchaser the amount of payment usually does not exceed 2%.
According to the Ukrainian Rules of the state registration and accounting of cars, setting vehicles on the account, you will need to collect and provide the registration authority the following documents:
- notarized contract of sale;
- a document certifying your identity;
- registration certificate of the machine;
- extract on the removal of the car from the register the previous owner.