Today there is a very wide selection of different aquariums, you can select them already prepared or request an experienced specialist. But with a strong desire you can try to make an aquarium out of glass alone.
можно держать сухопутных черепах в аквариуме
The novice master is not recommended to wipe the aquariumwith a volume of 200 L. first, too large structures is much more difficult to make. Secondly, making an aquarium of liters on 500, you in the event of any errors in the work and exit the aquariumand down, may flood all the neighbors in her block.
сделать аквариум
There are two ways to build a rectangular aquariums. The first design implies that the walls of the aquariumand stand on its bottom. In the second case, the walls are glued around the bottom of the aquarium. The latter method can be used only for the aquariums larger than 50 l, it is much easier.
из чего склеить аквариум
Decide on the thickness of the glass, which you will use when building an aquarium. Thus it is necessary to consider not the capacity of the future creation, and the height of the water column and the length of glass, on which the column pressure. Enjoying today the high demand of the so-called "Baltic" aquarium of 200 litres, length 1000 mm, width 400 mm and height 500 mm is best done from a glass thickness of 8 mm.
как починить аквариум
Proceed to cutting of purchased glass. The front wall cut out dimensions aquarium. The bottom should reduce the length and width of two thicknesses of glass and the thickness of the adhesive layer, taking it equal to 2-3 mm. the Ends are cut the same width as the bottom. The height of the ends is equal to the height of the facial paintings.
Also cut out the ribs. They will be attached to the upper edge of the front glass, will not allow them to bend outward and burst. The ribs should be made a little shorter than the size of the bottom.
The glass that you are going to use in the construction of the aquariumand must be clean, dry and free of bubbles and foreign inclusions. Spacing the glass, consider the size of the glass cutter from the edge to the middle of the roller. When cutting should not be much pressure on the handle of the glass cutter. Before cutting the glass, moisten the head of the glass cutter in oil or turpentine. Noting the cutting line, place the glass on the table so that this line went along the edge of the table. One confident movement snap off the cut piece of glass.
Now comes the time for processing glass. Not sanded surfaces. They are after sanding just will not stick together, because the silicone sealant does not stick to polished surfaces. It is only necessary to remove the chamfer, to prevent cuts during installation. Cut and processed glass compare between and choose in pairs.
To assemble the aquarium need on a flat surface, e.g. a table. Glass degrease with acetone and wipe dry. Apply glue to the mating surfaces. The adhesive is applied along the vertical edges and along the bottom edge. Plastered front wall, take both hands, put to the back of the bottom and press along the entire length. A similar operation guide consistently with all the mating between the elements. Ribs glue after drying the aquarium. The ribs are glued to an inside face of the walls perpendicular.
Most sealants allow further work with the aquariumom the next day after gluing. And pour water into the aquarium only after 5-7 days after drying of the sealant.