Buying a car is a responsible step. It is often difficult to make a decision. At the present time to find a car for cheap price but in good condition is difficult. That is why you need to determine for yourself whether you want a brand new car or accept a used. There are a couple of positions. If you have no prejudice on account of the former owners of the car, it is best to make the purchase abroad. For example, in Germany. You will be able to buy a car seven to ten years for a relatively cheap price and in excellent condition. Or to drive a car from Japan. Local car brand Toyota (even new) are quite cheap. But in this case it is worth considering the fact that you have in the stretch to Russia to release the brake the car at the border. It happens that many people prefer to be the only owners I want to buy a brand new car. But even in this variant it is best to buy a car abroad. If you purchase the car from the factory through the firm(for example, through the company, which is located in Moscow), you have to pay the amount of almost twice the original cost of the car, as it will include the payment for the provided services (sale, drafting agreements, registration documents, driving in Russia, disinhibition, etc.). It is therefore recommended to go in search of abroad. If you want a car that is German or French, it does not mean a direct visit to the respective countries. Enough to come to the car market in Poland and make the transaction there. If you do decide to buy a used car in Russia, don't fall for the tricks of speculators. Before you make a deal, look for similar options (same car same year), and then compare prices. If the cost is the same, you can easily make a purchase.