Calm down, pull yourself together. Emotions and hurt bad adviser in this matter. You are now required logic and composure. The reluctance of men to have with you serious relationship can be explained by several reasons. You have to perform them carefully.
Sadly, you may be just not to his taste. Try to learn about his preferences. Of course, don't ask him such questions directly. Can casually strike a conversation to the desired topic. Or ask mutual friends, friends. Suppose you have found out that he didn't like the type of women that you represent. For example, you slender, energetic brunette, and it attracts phlegmatic blonde with curvaceous. Then it is better overpower your feelings. Think about it: for the love of you dye your hair, but gain extra pounds and cardinal to break your character, temperament? That's too much! You will only expose yourself to ridicule. In the world there are enough men, you can appreciate and love.
In addition, it is possible that some of your habits, manners, character traits unpleasant, repel. If you're a handsome man, but something stops him, try to look at ourselves, to change for the better. Ask your relatives, friends, acquaintances, to be honest, your manners, behaviour they like and don't like. Take their opinions carefully, without insults and claims, and take the necessary insights, adjust your behavior. Try to smile, hold back the negative emotions. It's possible that then soon this man will show you obvious interest, and he will begin to hint at a serious relationship.
Finally, he simply may be selfish, who have a very high opinion of his person, and you look down, not counting the teacher. Such men are not worth any love or effort. Be thankful for the fact that he did not respond to your impulse. Otherwise, almost certainly your novel would be only bitter disappointment.