You will need
  • Drill, screwdriver, jigsaw, handsaw, screwdriver, pliers, adjustable wrench, pencil, tape measure, rags, knife
To determine the location of your sink, carefully mark on the countertop the location of the tie. The countertop can be pre-removed. Although, as shown in popular TV programs, professionals embed the sink installed directly into the countertop. It's who prefer. Markup can be done on the pattern. The template is made of cardboard or used attached to the sink by the manufacturer. However, you can do so - apply the sink to the countertop, trace them, strictly on the edge, and then, stepping back inside from the line 1-1,5 cm, draw a working circuit.
Next, proceed to cutting out the holes - the most responsible stage of the whole procedure. Drill the drill holes with a diameter of about 10 mm. Hole required for blade of the jigsaw. If the quadrangular sink - holes should be four at the corners of the intended line. If round or oval - holes. Then a jigsaw, exactly in line saw a hole under the sink. The edges of the hole clean of dust and sawdust. Cleaned the cut not less carefully apply sealant with a brush or spatula. Apply a solid, even layer. Sealer is necessary to protect countertops from moisture. Choose a sealer depending on the material of the countertop. So, for the artificial stone should be used only silicone and wooden and plastic you can use sealers are alcohol based. After applying the sealant, you must wait some time in order that he "grabbed".
Then install the sink. Also use silicone sealant or adhesive sealing tape. Carefully finish the edges of the sink with silicone on the outside. If you are using tape, attach it as close as possible to the edges of the sink. Install the sink into the hole on the countertop. If the sink is given a special fastener, push with it, sinks to the countertop. If not – use the clamp. Leave the whole structure for some time "alone" in order that washing stuck. Excess silicone remove with a rag. The excess tape sticking out from under the edges of the sink and gently abrite the knife.
The final stage of installing the sink is installing the faucet and drain. If the sink has no tap hole, wirite its desired diameter in countertop or sink (depending on design) and don't forget sealing. Install faucet and drain according to instructions.