Can the foam blocks from which fabricated load-bearing walls, insulate with myocardial cooling of the building blocks of lower density that are made specifically for warmth with even more content bubbles.
To insulate with foam blocks, when you need to build to provide the broader Foundation allows you to build additional walls.
The encasing structure with brick facing is not a measure of insulation, and only a finish option.
Before any type of finishing necessary for fitting the outer wall of the foam blocks any modern heat-insulating material, which are represented in the construction market in a wide range, and to decorate at its discretion.
Inside the building you can produce a tight wall vapor barrier material. This will further insulate them and will protect against condensation.
If you make a good insulation of exterior walls, you usually need to make additional internal insulation are completely absent. Since the insulation with modern materials fully protects the structure from extremes of temperature and moisture due to the resultant condensate.
Don't forget that you insulate only the walls are totally irrelevant. To building was really warm you need to insulate a basement floor outside and ceiling. On the ceiling, first spread a layer of vapor barrier on the insulation and vapor barrier again. Floor from the basement is covered in the same way as the ceiling.
Fully insulated structure, you can save significantly on heating.