You will need
  • - minvatnym insulation;
  • - construction (industrial) stapler;
  • - staples (at least 36);
  • knife;
  • - a hammer.
Waterproof design of the stands. In it you'll invest insulation.To do this, mount the metal frame to which you'll attach the panel insulation. The process is not complicated: across the walls install metal or wooden slats. And the ceiling and floor screws attach the corners. They should defend from a wall on a distance of the thickness of the insulation layer (+1 cm). To the corners with screws or screws to attach vertical slats at 60 cm distance.
A poultice minvatnyh insulation (no more than 200x200 cm) and press it onto the corner of the frame. Now use the knife to cut through where the insulation is adjacent to the frame uprights.
Load the stapler with staples. Start to drive the staples from the top corner. They should be perpendicular to the frame. 1m2 of insulation will need 20-30 staples. When you make sure the seam is securely fastened, next to him "seam to seam" put another layer. Cut with a knife place in which the heater is docked with the stand, and again will drive 20-30 staples. Repeat this procedure until, until you cover the entire area of the frame. Now on top of the insulation punch another layer of the same insulation, but the thickness should be proportional to 1/3 of the first layer.
Insert a thin piece of insulation into the top corner and secure it 10-15 staples. Adjacent layers put "seam to seam". Note that staples should penetrate the first layer of insulation and securely hold the second. 2 layers is needed in order to create a small air layer, which will keep cold. In the end with a hammer to drive in staples that came loose in the frame.