You will need
  • statement on initiation of bankruptcy procedure; all documents of the company
In order to officially eliminate , OOO with debts, go through a complex procedure of bankruptcy of the organization. To do this, see the statement for bankruptcy in arbitration court. The process takes about six months, but you go out of business "with a clear conscience."
If you choose the alternative option of liquidation of a limited liability company, then you should know that there are several types. First, the most simple and fast, the option of closing the company - a change Generalnogo Directors and shareholders. In this case, the responsibility for the debt passes to the new leadership. You will need to sell shares of the Charter capital to other founders. At the time it will take up to a month.
The second option is the elimination of OOO with debt is the restructuring of the company. You will need to put in order all documents of the organization. It will take sufficient time. Reorganization may take place in the form of merger in the form of takeover by another firm. Legally , the LLC ceases to exist and becomes part of another company. Typically, this other entity is in a different region. This allows you to avoid unnecessary publicity from the "native" media is able to excite your creditors and other persons to whom you have debts.