You will need
  • Reinforced concrete beams, elements of tombstones, shovel, construction level, metal tape measure, metal container, cement, rags
To install the headstone should be not earlier than one year after the burial, after precipitation of the soil. Remember that before installing the headstone, it is necessary to make the administration of the cemetery documents to obtain it. It is safer to entrust the installation of elements of the gravestones professionals who will be responsible for the work done.
Sets the items of the gravestones includes several types of transactions. First of all, you need to make the layout surface area with the use of shovels. Next is the markup for the established elements. Markup required roulette. The next operation is the making of trenches for the installation of beams that will cover the grave and lean on the main ground.
Then follows the preparation of concrete device concrete pads, installation of reinforced concrete beams with the reconciliation of horizontal surfaces.
The next phase includes the installation of pedestal and the reconciliation of its provisions, the installation of elements of the flower garden and the obelisk. The last step includes filling the soil in the flower bed.
The trench for laying the beams are digging along and across the grave. The depth of trenches about 20 cm of the Trench shall be verified by building level. The side walls of the trench and the bottom sealed.
Prepared in the manner described trenches are installed beams, while the longitudinal, the length shall be 2.5 m. If the beams are placed across the grave, their length shall be 1.3 m. the position of the beams is checked for levelness building level. The ends of reinforced concrete beams protruding over the edge of the grave not less than on 10 see
The preparation of the concrete mixture should be maintained at the site of installation, to do this, use a metal container. The layer of concrete then installed the pedestal, whose position is reconciled level. The junction of the pedestal and the base should be sealed with cement mortar.
Beam flower is placed on the beam to overlap the graves, located at the feet or into two longitudinally extending beams. After adjustment of the level of the beam are fastened with cement mortar. After installation, the excess solution was removed, and all seams of the rubbing cloth.
Obelisk tombstones is set on the Foundation using cement mortar. In the hole of the pedestal is pre-installed metal pin. The obelisk should be strictly in the vertical plane and to be symmetrical relative to the pedestal. Seams are sealed with cement mortar. The final checking of the position of the obelisk is the same construction level and measuring tape.