Granite monuments and headstones need to be able to choose. The product must be properly polished on both sides: front and back. His face should be crisp, with no chipping and other defects. While installing you need to try not to hit the monument and not to drop heavy objects on it.

What you will need for the installation of the granite monument?

To work you need the following tools: crowbar, mallet, trowel, bubble level, a hacksaw, a metal angle, a shovel, a crowbar, a bucket. Since the need to perform excavation and dumping crushed stone or gravel, it will need shovels. For the reinforcement you will need the rebar cross-section of less than 8 mm, for concrete capacity under mortar, sand, cement grade not lower than the M300, water, gravel or crushed stone. For the device of the formwork of the desired Board thickness 2-2,5 cm, screws, metal corners. To build the monument, cold-resistant sealant or tile adhesive.

The technology of Assembly and installation of the granite monument

Installation of the granite monument should be done after one year from the time of burial. Work can be carried out from mid-spring to mid-autumn. This is due to the fact that the monument can not be installed in frozen ground and what the possible concreting at temperatures below +5oC.

On the first day performs the following tasks: label the area, which should conform to the dimensions of the grave, removal of reference points on the 30-50 cm from its corners. Further the width and depth of a bayonet of a shovel dig a trench, which "turn over" grave. On the bottom of the trench are covered with sand layer of a few centimeters, and the same gravel or crushed stone. The filling tamped and leveled.

Then proceed to the Assembly of the formwork, which should represent the two frames following the contour of the trench. Next, the prepared cement-sand mortar in proportion 1:3 (1 part cement and 3 parts sand). In the place where you will install the pedestal (base) of the monument, put the channel on the perimeter of the pit valves. Then the concreting.

On the second day the formwork is removed and set stand (Cabinet), which equalize the level. Then in the hole put the stele (the main part of the monument). To lock use sealant or tile adhesive for outdoor use. During operation of the installation, you need to ensure that the granite did not get oily drops. The final stage is the laying of floral beams. After that, all granite surface Polish with a dry clean cloth.