Simplicity and elegance is the difference between direct lacing European.

To execute it, pass the lace through the bottom holes and bring both ends of the lace out. After that, one end of the lace print cross top, into the hole on the opposite side. The other end of the lace print cross top, but not in the next hole, and missed one. Noroute sneakers to the end, inserting a shoelace at one end to the next opposite hole, and the second end through one hole.
Another kind of popular lace — rectangular or straight lacing, in which there are no diagonal cross-stripes. Pass the lace through the bottom holes so that the ends of the lace left inside the Shoe. Lift one end of the string to the right, remove it from the top hole and thread into the left hole. Then lift up both ends of the lace and out, stretching on the opposite side, sasorova Shoe so that all the wrong side of the lace were parallel to each other for holes. Output ends of the lace through the last top hole and tie off.
To make running shoes more attractive and aesthetically pleasing will allow lacing of the hidden node, which will be especially relevant if the sneakers you put on, not restorative, and lacing them only plays a decorative role.
Repeat the method a rectangular lace-up, which was discussed above, but in the beginning, spread out the lace so that its left end was shorter than the right. Bring the right end of the lace to the top and the left Express neochlorogenic. Insert both ends of the lace inside the Shoe and tie them under the top left hole from the inside.
Beautiful and unusual will look lacing in the form of a ladder that allows you to shorten the too long ends of the lace.

Thread a strap through the bottom hole and out. Lift the ends to the top two holes, crossing and passing them under the vertical lace opposite end. Each time the two ends of the lace holes prior to the next must cross, after which the ends are bred in different directions and injected into the next hole. Carefully tighten the laces to make it look beautiful.