You will need
  • Program for cleaning the registry
  • Program for cleaning temporary files
  • Program for system optimization
It is more logical first to take the easy way: via the menu button "start" to enter the setting and removal of programs to delete in normal mode.If traces of the remote programsyou still left, take specialized programss that help to clean the system from unnecessary logs, temporary files and old reports. The most famous and common of them are: Your Uninstaller, Auslogics BoostSpeed, Ccleaner, Regseeker. Outdated versions of these programsusually are free or quasi-free. But most programsthat work with new systems require registration and payment, you can pay immediately through the network.
Some files may not to be removed from the locking system when you uninstall them, constantly reports that the file cannot be removed because it is involved in the system. It happens that the attempt to remove this file permanently "hangs" the whole system. In this case, you can help programsand the type of Unlocker. She unlocks the file and take off his badge "hidden" and "read-only", and then remove it.
Unfortunately, some traces of the programs, especially trial (shareware), not cleaned out even special tools. Programs, especially advertising and marketing character, even though they were formally removed, love to Express themselves, about updates, ask to be sent the reports on the website and so on. Besides the extra logs is sufficient disk space. To get rid of this garbage, you have to move manually. First enable the viewing of hidden files.To do this, select the path: My computer – Service – Property folders – View – Show hidden files and folders – OK. To open the Documents and Settings folder. It contains most of the profile files and setup programs. Be sure to check folders:
C:Documents and Settingsваше_имя_в системеApplication Data
C:Documents and Settings wasaimed system Local SettingsApplication Data