You will need
  • The computer program for "Uninstall Tool" or similar to it.
If you wish to extend a demoversion of a certain software, you need to download the app "Uninstall Tool" or a similar program. Enter the appropriate query in the search engine and select the resource that allows you to download the necessary software. Once the app is downloaded on to the computer, run the installation.
Start the shortcut for the installer with administrator rights and mark the application the destination folder to install it. During the installation, you may need to make some adjustments in the installation process (installing more software, etc.). Once the program is installed on your computer, restart system through the start menu". After restarting the system you can proceed to further work.
Run the installed program and wait until its fully downloaded. On the tab "Remove programs" find the software, which requires extending a trial version and delete it. After that, the program will offer to clean system registry from a saved remote application entries. Clean up the registry and close the program. Now you can download the demoversion of the remote software and install it on your computer.