Advice 1: How to extend trial version

Often, users are faced with the need to extend the trial versions of certain programs, as their purchase can cost a lot of money, and interface demos is enough to perform the desired action. To extend the demoversion, you need to get a special program.
How to extend trial version
You will need
  • The computer program for "Uninstall Tool" or similar to it.
If you wish to extend a demoversion of a certain software, you need to download the app "Uninstall Tool" or a similar program. Enter the appropriate query in the search engine and select the resource that allows you to download the necessary software. Once the app is downloaded on to the computer, run the installation.
Start the shortcut for the installer with administrator rights and mark the application the destination folder to install it. During the installation, you may need to make some adjustments in the installation process (installing more software, etc.). Once the program is installed on your computer, restart system through the start menu". After restarting the system you can proceed to further work.
Run the installed program and wait until its fully downloaded. On the tab "Remove programs" find the software, which requires extending a trial version and delete it. After that, the program will offer to clean system registry from a saved remote application entries. Clean up the registry and close the program. Now you can download the demoversion of the remote software and install it on your computer.

Advice 2 : How do I renew my subscription to antivirus

Normal operation of the computer provided access to the Internet is impossible without constantly updating the antivirus program 's subscription on which must be regularly renewed.
How do I renew my subscription to antivirus
Free antivirus programs like AVIRA ( are updated automatically and do not require a charge. Their disadvantages in the absence of some features such as phishing filter, but for home use such programs fit perfect. You also at anytime can upgrade to the paid version (or try it for thirty days).
If you are using a paid antivirus program, then its extension will mean buying a new package. This is usually done once a year. Antiviruses are sold in computer stores and also online. For example, on the website you can buy or renew a subscription to such a program.
Sometimes to renew your subscription, you'll need to buy a new package, but only special cards which will contain an activation code. The cost of renewing the license for a year is usually equal to the present value of the annual license, minus forty percent. With this kind of discount is extended only packages that are designed for a period of not less than six months. These rules apply to the antivirus program firms "virus" that NOD32 and Doctor Web.
You can use the kindness of those users who have purchased packages activation and decided to share codes on the web. To do this, go to the website in the search bar at the top of the page, enter the word "keys" and among the results, select your option antivirus program.
Sometimes the license renewal cannot be carried out in connection with an outdated version of the program. For example, if you installed the 2003 version, you will have to purchase a new, later model year.
Useful advice
Remember that buying a license of the antivirus program gives you much more protection for your computer and information stored on it.
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