Call the main system menu by pressing the "start" button and click "All programs." Run antivirus, Norton 360 and open the link "Express renewal" in the lower right pane of the program window. Enter team of "Fast renewal" and make sure that you have an Internet connection.
Specify the version of the product on the opened web page and select the desired line in the directory of countries and language. Confirm the selected actions by clicking the "Continue" button and follow the prompts in the wizard.
Start your application email and find a message from Symantec. Open the received message and find the renewal code in the text of the letter. Shut down Norton 360 and go back to main menu "start". Go to "settings" and open the link "control Panel". Expand the "date and time" and make sure the correct system date and time. If necessary, make any necessary corrections and save the changes by clicking "Apply". Apply them by clicking OK.
Rerun antivirus application, Norton 360 and open the menu "Account" upper service panel of the application window. Expand the "Renew subscription" in the dialog box and apply the checkbox in the line "I already purchased the subscription, and specify renewal code in the next field". Print the stored code in the appropriate fields the desired line and confirm that it is correct, click "Next".
Make sure you have a working Internet connection and click Next. Click "Finish" on the resulting web page and run the LiveUpdate application to get all possible updates for antivirus program Norton 360.