Decide the theme of the website. Choose a topic most close to you in which you have expertise. Or take a topic that interests you the most, where you would like to find out. Then you will be able to replenish its store of knowledge, and website.
The website on the basis of Yandex. Popular search service provides the ability to create a website for free. The domain name of the new websiteand will look like this: Instead of "site" - enter the invented name. This is the third level domain, which automatically imposes certain restrictions on opportunities to promote the websiteand earn on it. But if your goal is to learn how to create a website yourself for free, there are no restrictions. Use the service to practice skills of creating a sites, especially if it's your first trial in this direction.
In the proposed menu, select the number of pages of the website. Any website consists of main and additional (secondary) pages. To begin, select 3 pages. Home – about your interest devoted to the topic of your website. Second – about the author: write a brief about yourself. As a rule, visitors to the websiteand are interested in its author, than he is engaged, interested in, why he created a website on this theme. Third page – at your discretion, get creative, you can think of a page name.
The next step is selecting a design. Select from offered templates the most interesting in your opinion. Here define font, font color, number of columns. Don't be afraid to experiment, change the templates options. Comparing different options for the external design, let us consider the most attractive.
The contents of the websiteand the flight of your creative imagination. Add photographs or drawings, fill the pages with interesting facts, news. Add a link to the website in your messages on forums, invite friends to rate your creation.
Similar services, They, too, can create a website yourself for free. Accordingly, your websites look and It will also be third level domains. On view a demo movie about creating a websiteof om in this system.
Feature free websites that they are not your property. In addition, the owner places on their advertising. So, if you want to create a full website, you will have to pay for domain name and hosting services – the site that will host your website. This website will belong to you (domain name), you will be able to optimize and promote it, to profit from the website.