Advice 1: What to give for an anniversary the head of the Department

To choose a gift for an anniversary for the head of the Department difficult. Such a process may not be quick, as this is a very important task. Such a gift needs to fit not only the taste of the donee, but the rules of business etiquette.
What to give for an anniversary the head of the Department

Gift choice for head of the Department

The first thing you must remember: the gift must be combined with the interests of the Department head and to overlap with the specific activities of the Department he or she leads. After using the gift, you must show your respect for the person and what you value as a leader.

You should bear in mind that the gift should not be very expensive, because you can put the celebrant in an awkward position, if it is not, of course, a big date, for example, 50 years.
On such date to purchase something more valuable.

But, on the other hand, is too cheap a gift will not cause a storm of emotions, so it's best to stick to the Golden middle. If the head of the chair - man, he can give an expensive pen or a tie clip. If the head of a woman, I have a pen also, another option can be a nice business card holder or purse from quality materials. If the celebrant is a collector, you will focus on choosing a gift, choosing the missing copy from his collection. It is important to remember that the gift should be for official business.

You can buy a bottle of expensive wine or a five star imported cognac, good choice as gift watch or wall arms. For ladies you can choose gifts from glass. Ceramic and porcelain will also work. They look simultaneously elegant, and not too personally. You can opt for paintings, frames of wood for photos, unusual figurines or tea from good China.

What to look for when choosing a gift

When choosing gifts for women remember that it isn't just your head of Department. It is possible to present as a gift, good coffee, now there are whole stores selling elite varieties. Also a lovely option would be a set of high-quality chocolates, and, of course, a bouquet of flowers or an unusual plant for the home.

Not to be mistaken with a gift, it is better to start to learn about the preferences of your Department head in advance, because the consequences may not be rosy for career advancement.
Remember that colleague doesn't need to give clothing items (does not apply to neckties, shawls and scarves), and personal hygiene, are not suitable even the most expensive shower gels.

Gift packing also has a very important role. It must be a classic or business style, because it is starting with the packaging first impression about the gift in General.

Advice 2: What do you get the man for 50 years

For a long time in Russia there was a tradition to give each other gifts on various holidays and memorable dates. One of the most favorite holidays of many people is birthday.
What do you get the man for 50 years

Anniversary – a wonderful holiday!

Birthday is always a joyful event. People look forward to it in joyful anticipation of gifts. If it is a birthday of your close men and, besides, it's the 50th anniversary, a mediocre gift, you can't do, have a little think about how to surprise the celebrant. Most likely, this is already accomplished in the life of a man with a large family, make a career, with an established life principles, or much less - a confirmed bachelor.
Therefore, to choose gifts worth considering, what is your relationship to the birthday boy and based on his preferences and Hobbies.

Tips for choosing gift for men 50 years

If the 50-year anniversary is celebrated by your closest relative – father, grandfather, father-in-law, father-in-law or husband, you can present the following gifts. For example, try to order and pay for tour or other journey; to present, custom portrait, where the hero of the day – the head of the family and founder of the family tree; to present the cake in a car the hero of the day, the open wallet with banknotes or something like that.

Also, when choosing a present rely to bestow Hobbies: avid fisherman or hunter would be nice to get a good fishing rod, a hunting rifle, a tent, a camping kit for cooking on the fire, thermos; having a car can present an exclusive seat covers, navigators, video recorders, car TVs and more. Absolutely any man would be delighted to gift weapons officer's dagger, a dagger made of Damascus steel, the guns of past centuries, etc.

A good option will be a gift table fountain with lights performing the function of a lamp and a humidifier. Beloved husband to make such an unusual gift, as a record dedicated to him a song or shot a video on again, he, the beloved.

A work colleague, which celebrates its 50th anniversary, presented some office supplies, business card holders, beautiful pen. Celebrant-the head usually give gifts, sideways the whole team.
Therefore, it is possible to buy something more valuable, for example, leather office chair, a painting, a table lamp in retro style.

Friend-man the day of his 50th anniversary to choose a gift is also given his Hobbies and habits. You can give a leather suitcase like to travel, camera for the Amateur photographer, hunting and fishing hunters and fishermen, a ticket to a football or hockey fans, but also movie tickets, theater or concert of his favorite band or artist.

Importantly, the gift was presented from the heart, only then he will definitely appreciate.
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