You will need
  • Two strips of fabric, one fabric should be nice and soft to touch for the inside, the other on your taste), elastic, braid, needles, thread, scissors, beads, pencil, paper.
Take a sheet of paper and draw on it the pattern. To simplify the task you can just contour cut around your sunglasses. Remember that mask for sleep should be wide enough not to slide.
Cut out the resulting pattern and attach to the fabric stretches. Trace the pattern along the contour, do not forget to leave about an inch for seams, and cut now fabric.
So you get blanks for your dressing. Fold pattern side facing inwards and sew, leaving the sides of cuts where you will later insert the elastic.
After the mask is sewn, turn it right side out. Sew the elastic band, keeping in mind that the bandage should not subside in sleep, but gum does not need you to press – so you do not fall asleep.
Now it is time for decorating. Take the panel and taped her bandage. Beads and beads can be embroidered pattern. In General, give full play to your imagination!