Advice 1: How to fire on fixed-term contract

The dismissal procedure in connection with the expiration of the employment contract differs little from the termination of this agreement on other grounds. Among the features you can select only the obligation of the employer in writing to notify the employee of the impending dismissal three days prior to the expiration of the employment contract.
How to fire on fixed-term contract
You will need
  • - written notification to employee;
  • - painting that on receipt of a notification;
  • - order of dismissal;
  • - employment history.
Prepare a written notice to the employee, which is to be fired. Three days before the expiry of his contract give him this notice on receipt.
Prepare the order of dismissal of the worker with the phrase "in connection with the expiration of the employment contract". Give it a number and date of publication, date of dismissal, by verifying the signature of the head of the organization, stamp and register this document in accordance with organizations procedures administration.
Make the entry in the labor book of the employee on the termination of the labour agreement in connection with the expiration in accordance with article 79 of the labour code.
To fire a pregnant woman even after fixed-term employment contract. In this case, the agreement will extend for the duration of the pregnancy.
Exception - if the firing was hired instead of a temporarily absent permanent employee. But in this case, the employer is first obliged to offer her another job within your organization, including lower-paid or in another country.
If the employee is not dismissed upon the expiration of the contract, he automatically loses the urgency and shall be deemed concluded for an indefinite period, even if its text contains provisions for automatic renewal if neither party gives notice of termination.

Advice 2: How to make an entry in the work on fixed-term contract

Record of employment on fixed-term employment contract is no different from design by contract without final validity. Enough that the urgency is reflected in the Treaty itself. And here at dismissal in connection with the expiration of the contract should reflect this basis.
How to make an entry in the work on fixed-term contract
You will need
  • - employment history of the employee;
  • - fountain pen;
  • print.
Record of work done in the work book, if a person worked in the organization for more than 5 days this work for him primary. At the same time to focus on the urgency of the employment contract is not necessary. As at registration of the state employee on a permanent basis, the personnel Department or other organizational unit which is responsible for this issue, making the title in the form of the full name of the company, assigns the record sequence number indicates the date reflects the fact of employment with indication of position and cites as the Foundation of the order number.
If during the period of validity of the employment contract a worker is transferred from one post to another or between departments is also reflected in the workbook in a General way, without focusing on the urgent nature of the contract. The same applies to rewards, assign categories and other information to be entered in the work book.
When dismissing a worker in connection with the expiration of the employment contract the entry should look like this: "Dismissed in connection with expiry of the employment contract, clause 2 part 1 article 77 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation". The rest of the procedure of its registration is no different from a dismissal on any other grounds.
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