You will need
  • Operating system of Windows family;
  • Internet connection;
  • A web browser;
Connect to Internet regular way, which it provided to your Windows system.
Start a browser and input prompt ' enter, then press Enter. Youíll see the program website CPU-Z. on the right column of the new page, find the version of the program with the word "setup". It is located right under "Download latest release". Click the first option download the English version of the program. After the download completes, run the downloaded file and follow the installation instructions.On the Desktop will appear a shortcut to run the program. Start it. This will open the main program window, which contains several informational sections. Switching between them organized in tabs. Immediately after start the program displays the first tab, CPU.
The first information tab of CPU-Z
Switch to the tab Mailboard by clicking on it with the left button of "mouse". Displays three items of information about the characteristics of the motherboard installed in the laptop:
- Motherboard (Basic information about the motherboard);
BIOS (vendor Details and BIOS);
- Graphic Interface(Information about the graphical interface).In the Motherboard in the first two rows will receive comprehensive data about the manufacturer – Manufacturer and Board model – Model.
The window of the program CPU-Z. Information about motherboard
This information will be enough to know which motherboard is used by the manufacturer of your laptop. Write them yourself and save. It is not excluded that in the future this information will be useful. For example, if the laptop fails, you will already be aware of the cost to order for replacement – in the case of self-repair. If the data is to be transferred to the workers service, it will speed up the repair.