If the time for the preparations you have enough, contact a specialized firm, which is engaged in the decoration of the Banquet halls. This is especially true in the case of the preparation for the wedding celebration, when there are other problems and concerns. In this case, make an appointment with the designer of the hall and tell him about their wishes. It is useful to sketch the decorated hall. Don't forget to negotiate the price in advance, because some types of jewelry are very expensive.
If you do decide to arrange a room by yourself, consider how it will look, how much you are willing to spend on design, where you can buy jewelry and how to bring to the Banquet.
The most inexpensive way to decorate the balloons. To do this, buy balloons of desired color in the quantity necessary to make room. To balloons held in the air, they need to fill with helium. A simple and reliable option to call a company that provides this service.
Make balls from the figure, linking them together. A wedding fit figure in the shape of a heart. Hang it over the table where the couple will sit. If you are going to arrange Banquet hall for an anniversary or a corporate celebration, you can make a shape in the form of numbers (e.g., how many years has the company or simply in the form of an arch. Color the balloons need to be combined with the overall design of the room: the color of the floor, walls, ceiling. If you use a combination of balls of different colors, choose two colors – bright and neutral. Balls white or iridescent mother-of-pearl combine well with red, blue, yellow balloons.
If the room features a dance floor, tie balloons colorful ribbons and hang them from the ceiling. Put in each ball a note with the wishes or light weight Souvenirs. Each guest will be able to take a souvenir ball and find the surprise.
Don't forget about the table setting. Select the tablecloth, prepare the original cards with the names of the guests. Decorate the tables with fresh flowers. Many flower shops offer bouquets for celebrations. Classic bouquets can be put in vases and garlands of flowers to pin to the outside of the table (in places where no one will sit).
Decorations use colorful ribbons and streamers, which will be written congratulations. All this you can also buy or make to order. Anyway, trust your imagination and common sense, and beautifully decorate the hall you can with the minimum cost.