Important rules that parents need to know:
• Not to wash my hair with soap. Need to use baby shampoo, but only once a week to the skin of the head has not dried up.
• Shampoo you have to rinse the scalp. You can rinse the baby's head with herbs. But be careful: some types of grasses can cause allergies.
• The head should not wipe with a towel, and just DAB. This will help to avoid damage to the hair and skin.
Children's hair will be useful massage. It is better to use wooden comb or plastic, provided that it will not electrify the hair. Before the massage need to comb your baby during the procedure, the hair was not confused and did not break. To properly brush long hair, starting with ends, short – from the roots. You need to buy a separate baby comb.
Good can help folk remedies. When used correctly they will not hurt the baby. Their advantage is that they do not contain dyes and chemicals readily available. For a child it is possible to prepare a mask and infusion.
Mask. For its preparation will need: raw egg yolk, half a teaspoon of burdock oil, one teaspoon of honey, decoction of herbs (you can use chamomile, sage or lime). All thoroughly and spread on dry hair. To wrap the head with a bag and wrap a towel. This mask can be kept in for an hour and then rinse. Never RUB the baby oil – scalp can't breathe; possible side effect – severe itching.
Tincture. It can be made from the juice of the nettle and aloe. To do this, 8 parts of juice mixed with 2 parts of alcohol. The tincture can be stored up to a year in a cool place. It should be carefully rubbed with a cotton swab. Keep the infusion can do not more than a day – then wash off. This procedure can be done on a daily basis. Some of the parents rubbed the onion juice and garlic in a baby's head, but it should not be done. This remedy is very irritating the scalp and not effect. And odor after such procedures can be eliminated only if to cut the baby.
Hair and baby skin is very delicate, so before you apply something, you need to get reliable information about it. It is impossible that the child suffered from shortcomings of their parents. Be careful. Then the kid will not only be healthy and beautiful, but also happy.