Decide on the theme. To write better on topics that are familiar to you. For example, it is not necessary to start cooperation with automobile magazine, if you vaguely imagine the difference engine from the carb. But if on the window sill you live a whole family of cacti, you can write for "the Garden". If you do not know thoroughly the subject of the article, then at least have the live performance is required.
Write an article. It is useful to make for themselves a plan of the article - your task is to break her in easy, intriguing introduction, in detail, witty and convincing to consider the essence of the topic and, in conclusion, to bring all the material to the logical conclusion. A good note is distinguished by fresh ideas, unexpected insights and a healthy, confident author.
Sell article. Contact all the Newspapers and magazines that, in your opinion, may be interested in your material. Phone numbers and email addresses of the editors can be found on the websites of the publications. If you are refused at one place, don't despair, somewhere it will be useful.