You will need
  • The crucible (preferably graphite), graphite electrode, calcium oxide (quicklime), coke, a source of current.
The principle of obtaining this substance is that the oxygen atom in a molecule of oxide of calcium is replaced by two carbon atoms. In industry this is achieved by calcining the mixture of coke and quicklime at a temperature of approximately 2000 degrees Celsius. But, a little bit of this wonderful substance can be obtained, and artisanal. Mix quicklime and coke in the ratio of one to one by weight of the mixture and place in the crucible. Next, take the two wires from the power source, one hook to the crucible, and the second touches the graphite electrode and the power supplied.
After that close the circuit, i.e., immerse the electrode in the mixture, due to the fact that in the mixture there is a carbon between the electrode and the blend creates an electric arc, current flows, the mixture is heated and melted in places.Try it melted over the entire area. After cooling the mixture, that is, in some places the melt should contain the carbide of calcium. If the dip of the melt in the water it produces a combustible gas (acetylene), the experience was a success.