You will need
  • A sheet of heavy paper
  • Pencil
  • the compass
  • line
  • glue
  • thin elastic band
  • a small piece of cardboard
  • scissors
Determine the length of the nose. Take a sheet of paper and a compass. Spread the legs of the compasses to the length of the noseand Pinocchio. Put the compass needle in the corner of the sheet and draw an arc. The resulting cut segment. Fold it in half and cut along the resulting crease.
The nose is made from a quarter circle, divided in half
Take one of the resulting segments define the outer and inner side. The edge of one environment spread on the inner side, put on his edge of the other of the slice with zahlest about 1 cm and hold them tight.
Dry the resulting cone.
Measure and cut a piece of thin elastic. Edges tie the knots. Cut from a piece of cardboard, two small circles or squares. The ends of the bands overlap on the inner side of the noseand on top of it, glue the pieces of cardboard.