You will need
  • cloth;
  • - sequins;
  • - velvet paper;
  • - beads.
To stitch the frog costume, prepare materials green shades to sew a dress, legs, hat and leg accessories. Decorate the suit with green sequins, velvet paper and beads.
Find the pattern any dress that is suitable in size for your child, and then cutting the green fabric on the pattern and stitch a dress, and pomp sew basic skirt petticoat from the green grid. Panel dress with ribbon, sequins.
Frog's legs stitch of green cloth, and as a basis use the mittens pattern. Insert the elastic band to keep them on hand. If you have unwanted green gloves, cut the fingers on them – legs will be ready without any additional work.
On the child's foot put on green tights and separately stitch the green fabric two tubes. The edges of each tube, insert the rubber band and put the accessories on the baby over tights. Finally, the costume really was associated with the frog, do the same for a child recognizable hat, as hats can make a volume takes from a durable fabric, and takes to sew protruding round eyes with pupils from velvet paper.
Sew to hat satin ribbon to tie it under the chin. If you do not suit for girl, for boy, replace the dress and the skirt, shirt or vest and shorts from the lush green of the fabric. Under the vest wear a green turtleneck or a fitted green shirt.