You will need
  • To cut out a fragment of a song, you can use the free program MP3DirectCut, which can be downloaded from official developer website at
After the program is installed, start it. The program prompts you to select the interface language. Select Russian from the list, then the program will ask permission to restart. Click OK.
In the opened window click on "File" then "Open" then you need to select the music file from which you need to cut the fragment. After selecting the file, click OK – the file will be downloaded into the program.
Now you need to play the song to the desired time by using the Play button (triangle in the lower right corner of the program), then, in the right place, click "Start" or press B.
How to cut <b>piece</b> <strong>songs</strong>
After the song lose before the end of the desired fragment, click "End" or press N.
How to cut <b>piece</b> <strong>songs</strong>
The fragment highlighted. It can be corrected or set the label again, and then save. To save the selected segment of the song, click "File" and then "Save selection", or press Ctrl+E. you will be asked to choose a name for the new file and choose a location to save. After that, click OK, you save the cut piece song.
How to cut <b>piece</b> <strong>songs</strong>