Start the program Windows Movie Maker: menu "start" — "Accessories" — "Entertainment". In the menu "File" click on "Import into collections" or use the key combination Ctrl+I. browse to the desired music file and wait until it loads in the program.
Drag and drop the file icon on the timeline. Play a file and stop at the starting point of the desired fragment. To determine the cut accurately, use the zoom tools. Press Ctrl+L or click the "Cut" at the bottom of the preview view, unnecessary plot the music file is cut off.
Define similarly the end point of the desired musical fragmentand cut off all unnecessary. Select the "extra" lines and delete them — you can simply press the Delete key.
Move the selected fragment to the beginning of the timeline. In the menu "File" select "Save movie file" or press Ctrl+P.
Set the path to save the file and set its name. Select the desired sound quality settings. Wait until the file creation process. Click on the "finish"button.
Keep in mind that the finished audio files Movie Maker only saves in. wma format. If this format you somehow not suitable, the file will have to handle software Converter or to use another program to cut files. For example, use the online service
Go to the service page and click on the "Download mp3" to select the desired file on your computer. Wait until your chosen ringtone will be downloaded on the website.
Move the sliders on the timeline to select the desired music fragment. When ready, click on the "Cut and download" — ready cut is automatically downloaded to your computer.