Advice 1: How to connect the camera to the computer

No matter how big nor was the amount of physical memory on your camera, sooner or later, it will be filled with video and images. You need to clean it and move everything that you captured on the hard disk of your computer. We will need a special cable and software. All this is included in the kit camera. How to connect the camera to the computer?
How to connect the camera to the computer
Insert the camera cable, attached in the kit. If the camera has the connection mode with PC, then activate it.
Locate supplied cord with a USB connector and plug it into any free USB port of your computer. This port is on the front or rear panel of any modern personal desktop computer, sometimes even on both panels. Laptops have USB ports can be on the side or on the rear panel.
After connecting the cable to the computer, the operating system will recognize the new connected device and will start the install wizard for new hardware. If asked for the installation disk in the CD-ROM, insert the ROM supplied in your camerathat says "USB Driver". The installation will take less than a minute, confirm its completion by clicking the done button in the final window of the installation wizard.
After that, the screen will appear a new window where you will be offered the options of action with your camera. However, he will be identified as a new "removable disk". Immediately copy the image by saving them to a new or existing folder on the hard disk of the PC.
Useful advice
If your computer is not too new, and the USB port it does not, then make sure that the free PCI slot available, buy a USB controller and install it in the PCI slot of the motherboard. The controller costs about a couple hundred rubles.

Advice 2: How to connect the camera to Skype

Skype is an application used to make telephone calls online, as well as for conferences and video calls. In addition to the webcam to do video Skype, you can use a camera with a video recording function.
How to connect the camera to Skype
You will need
  • computer;
  • - the camera;
  • - a video capture device.
Make sure your digital camera can work in the mode of the webcam. To do this, connect it to the TV and put it into video recording mode. Make sure that the camera is able to transmit the video signal of international standard quality. If it can stream video, you can connect the camera to Skype.
Perform the operation for the transmission of streaming video from the cameraand the PC with capture. Use this video capture device (video card or tuner input) and composite input (Tulip). Connect the cable from the camera to the device to use the camera as a web camera.
Install driver for video capture cards, which allows you to record to the hard drive. He can't broadcast the video to the Internet. You need to perform the interception and redirection of the signal. Use the free app SplitCam.
Download the program at the link Install it on your computer. Connect the adapter to the computer or the tuner, i.e. a video capture device. To composite input switch on the cable and connect it to the output of the digital camera. Set the on camera timer the sleep timer for maximum time.
Use a program that comes with the recorder to verify that the picture from the camera is transmitted to it. Then run the SplitCam app. Go to menu "File", then "video Source" and select your device by installing it near the box. Then go to menu "Options", click Advertisements and select the check box in the Exchange ad and video windows to move the image from the video in a larger window.
Run Skype. If the program does not offer to check the quality of the video to select the input source manually. To do this go to menu "Tools", select "Settings" – "video Settings", then click "Select webcam" drop-down menu you need to note SplitCam Capture.
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