Advice 1: How to remove Linux

As a rule, the need to remove Linux occurs if the user moves to Windows. This is the most common option and will be discussed in detail.

Before you begin uninstalling Linux, make sure you have a boot disk or Linux disk (you'll need it if you need to restore the operating system on the computer), and boot disk with the Windows distribution (required for installation of the operating system). You also need to make backup copies of any important documents located in the Linux partitions.

  1. Boot the system using a boot disk or Linux disk.

  2. Enter the fdisk command. For help on using this command, enter m.

  3. Enter p for information about the disk partitions.

  4. Enter d to delete a partition. In the on-screen window, specify the partition number that you want to delete. Enter the numbers of the Linux partitions to remove them.

  5. Press w to save your work team.

  6. To complete the command press q.

  7. Install a Windows boot disk and reboot the system.

  8. Follow the instructions in Windows setup. Before beginning installation, you may need to create new disk partitions to host the operating system and user data.

There is another way to remove Linux. Just boot from your Windows disk and begin installation of the operating system. During the installation process you will see information about the available disk partitions and their types, and get a chance to remove those that refer to Linux. Then you just continue the installation, following the instructions provided by Windows setup.

In addition, to remove the master boot record may be needed after booting from the floppy disk or Windows disk to do the fdisk /mbr command, which will restore the disk's master boot record of Windows.

Advice 2 : How to remove Linux from a computer

To completely uninstall any operating system from the computerand is recommended to completely clear the partition on which it is installed. When you remove the Linux system better, you must change the file system format of the partition.
How to remove Linux from a computer
You will need
  • - Partition Manager.
If your computer's operating system is Windows, then use its standard option to clear hard disk partitions. Click on "My computer" by pressing simultaneously the keys "start" and the English E. right-Click the mouse on the disk partition where you installed Linux operating system. Select "Format".
Specify the type of file system of that partition and set cluster size. It is better to use the default settings. Click "Start" and confirm the formatting process. Wait for it to finish and click "OK" in the window that appears.
If the desired section does not appear in the list of drives, the install program Partition Manager Paragon. Restart the computer and run installed utility. In the quick launch menu select "Mode for experienced users." Wait for the list of the partitions on the hard drive.
Open the menu and select "Format the partition". Click "Next" in the opened window. Now select local disk with the Linux operating system, and then click Next. Set the file system type of the future drive. Specify a volume label, if necessary, and select a drive letter. Click "Next".
In the new menu, simply press the "finish" button to confirm the entered parameters. Look on the toolbar of the main window of Partition Manager click "Apply pending changes" and click it. Confirm to start the formatting process by pressing the "Yes" button. Wait for complete the process. Restart the computer and make sure that in "My computer" appears a new clean partition on the hard drive. Disable, the selection window of the boot options to not constantly switch to the Windows system.
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