You will need
  • computer;
  • - Internet;
  • - Acronis Disk Director.
Take the boot disk with integrated Acronis Disk Director. This program is included in virtually any system disk. If you don't have such a diskand upload the image from Internet and write to optical media. You can find on the official website of the manufacturer You can download the software to your computer for further work, and can also record to disk for later loading through the system BIOS.
Boot the computer from optical drive. Go to motherboard BIOS and set the boot order first from the DVD drive, and then from the hard drive. Save the changes and after restarting the computer click on drivee download Acronis Disk Director. For this you need to wait for the auto-boot the diskand on the system and press Enter on the desired item.
Wait until the program starts. In the main program window, locate the hard drive, which should format it — identify it on the model. Using the menu "Operations" delete existing hard disk partitions and create new ones and format them to the desired file system. You can also increase or decrease the size of the disk, lateral space on the local sectors in the operating system.
Run the selected transactions by clicking on the button with a picture of the starter box. Give the program time to produce the specified actions, then exit the program by closing its main window. Restart the computer and log in to the operating system. Sections of the hard drive are now visible under Windows. With the help of Acronis Disk Director you can create new partitions on the hard disk free space of other partitions, merge partitions and copy them. Please read through the program to learn about them in detail.