You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Open in photoshop the image you want to work with. If you want a picture size different from the original, that will reduce it or cut out the required piece. In order to select the entire picture Ctrl+A. Copy it by using Ctrl+C. Create a new document in photoshop and paste into it the contents of the clipboard using the shortcut Ctrl+V. the document Background should be transparent or of the color that will surround your image after rounding the edges.
With the help of Ctrl+Shift+N make a new layer. Select the tool Rounded Rectangle Tool and draw a rectangle or square the size you want. It does not matter the background color of this rectangle. Install the Radius parameter, which characterizes the degree of angles defined separately, for example, 9. You can move the drawn shape with the keyboard arrows. With the help of Ctrl+T you can change the shape of this figure. If you change the shape of the figure to press the Shift key, the size will change proportionally. So this form was exactly like you need.
Press Ctrl and click the layer thumbnail on the Layers palette. After that you draw the figure stand out.
Activate the bottom layer and in the main menu, execute the command Select – Inverse. Then stand out the area that is outside your drawn shape.
By pressing Delete you remove unwanted part of the picture. Make the top layer invisible. Right click anywhere on the picture and thereby remove the selection. The picture with rounded edges ready
If you want to round off the edges of the image often and they are the same size, then you can save the picture that you just made in PSD format, so that there's layers. Then to create pictures with rounded corners you will need to distinguish the outline of the finished image, invert selection and delete the unwanted part.