You will need
  • Adobe Photoshop
Often when you edit portraits add Shine to hair, eyes and lips. It makes the image like an advertising photo. Open in photoshop the photo with which you will work. To give Shineand better suited long hair. Select tool Lasso Tool and select the area of hair you want to give Shine. With the help of Alt+Ctrl+D make the selection smooth. Press Ctrl+J to copy the selection to a new layer.
Press Ctrl+L to call the dialog box Levels. Move the sliders to tone and illumination of the hair has changed, mimicking the glare. Put the blend mode of this layer Exclusion in the Layers palette.
Create a duplicate layer. Select the Blur tool from the Tool razmitii edges and Strenght of about 10%. Apply the tool to the layer. Set the layer blend mode to Linear Dodge. Now the hair in the pictures have become bright.
To give a Shineand eyes create a new layer in the Layers palette. Use a soft brush with a small diameter and draw a white color circle approximately midway between the outer border of the iris and pupil. Run the command in main menu Filter-Blur-Gaussian Blur. Set the blur radius approximately 3-6 pic. Set the blending mode of the layers Оverlay on the Layers palette. Reduce the layer transparency to about 40%.
To give Shine tothe lips and highlight them with any selection tool, e.g., Polygonal Lasso or quick mask (the icon to switch to quick mask mode is under the icons colors in the toolbar). Copy the lips with Ctrl+C and paste with Ctrl+V.
Follow the main menu command Filter - Artistic - Plastic Warp. Experiment with the parameters of the filter. Then set the layer blend mode to either Overlay or Lighten or Screen in the Layers palette. Different lips look better with different blending modes. Reduce the layer transparency. Now her lips are shiny and sexy.