You will need
  • Screwdriver
To replace a striker (stop mechanism), it is sufficient to Unscrew just one bolt that holds it in the lock. Open the door and carefully inspect the part of the castle on the edge of the door leaf. The lock bolted to the door by two screws located top and bottom. Just below the bolt lock you'll see the cap bolt that holds the locking mechanism in the lock.
Remove the bolt. Now the locking mechanism does not lock in the castle. Try to remove the larva, but if it is not filed, then slightly roll it with a key, at the same time trying to pull out.
You can now insert the new locking mechanism in a seat. It must be done so that the hole for the bolt were roughly in the middle of the door leaf. Insert the bolt into place and screw the larva to the castle. All this work will not take you more than two minutes.