If you've decided to develop his indifference to all that surrounds you in the first place you must learn self-control. In what situation would you get, try not to panic, but to soberly assess the situation. When a person gives vent to emotions, he's capable of very little trouble to inflate a disaster. To get rid of extra excitement, set yourself up for positive thoughts and understand that you are a lot stronger than you think, so will be able to cope with all problems.
If you encounter any trouble, imagine that will be able to get rid of them on their own. No need to tell all your friends, acquaintances and relatives, as they may further aggravate the situation and to impose to you the opinion that your troubles are unsolvable global problem.
As soon as you appeared before the arisen difficulties, focus on them and imagine them in a tight knot, which is tightened even more when you start to get nervous and to panic. If you remain calm and indifference, this node is gradually starting to weaken. Set yourself that your life is in your hands, and everything that happens in it, you fully can control and radically change for the better. Remember that not your emotions to control you, and you them.
Your indifference should begin not only with your internal state, but also with your facial expressions. Learn to precisely control his movements and gestures. No need to panic, it is best to try in any situation to keep a cool and calm facial expression. The surrounding people begin to understand that you cold - blooded people, and their opinion will start to change your.
You will not be able to remain calm and treat things with indifference, if you are tired and feel weakness, discomfort. Carefully keep track of your routine and do not let the body to get tired. Timely rest will help you control your emotions, feelings and thoughts. Also, don't forget about healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition.
If you still feel an attack of excitement, try to calm down. This will help you breathing exercises. Breathe deeply, take deep breaths and make them no more and no less than one in 2-4 seconds. In addition, with stress and depression, helps moderate exercise.