A simple way of writing that does not require installing additional software, there operating system is Windows XP and since then a standard tool CDdisks is present in every version of Windows. A method of recording drives in Windows XP will be slightly different from that in Vista and 7.
To burn an MP3 disk in Windows XP, open Windows Explorer by clicking My computer or by clicking the right mouse button on the "start" button. Click the diskitself (CD or DVD disc"), and drag in this window to all your files. You will see how your files will be added to the section waiting to be written. Insert a blank disk in drive"and click in the taskbar to Burn files to a CD-disk". Wizard starts recording disks. You will be prompted to enter a name for the discand then start the burning process (burning).
To burn MP3 discin Windows Vista or 7, insert a blank disk in drivea hornet. Menu opens the record discand in which you need to select "burn files to discusing Windows Explorer". In the dialog, enter the name of the disk (or leave unchanged) and select "With CD/DVD player" and then click "Next". You will be asked to move to a new window the files. Do this and click the button at the top of the window "Recording on compactdisc". Recording starts.