First is to understand the difference between "motive" and "stimulus". An incentive is something that the employer can affect the employee for more effective work of the employee. Motive, on the contrary, the inner man, his "I", which tells him that if he is to achieve any results, he will receive something worthy of his reward. For example, a sales Manager knows that if he will perform to a certain term a certain quota, will receive the award. The prize is an incentive, which gives it the employer. But whether motivated by his work with this award? It is necessary to understand. From the above it follows that the external incentives and internal motivation must be different in content is minimal. And it is the job of the head. How to achieve this?
When the employer is thinking about how to motivate employee, he needs to know and understand who this person is by nature, mind what he likes and what is living as a man, and not as an employee - cog in the mechanism of the firm. This can promote in-house events, corporate events, joint trainings, which you can understand and identify many of the personal settings of the employee. This information will help the Director to more intelligently approach the issue of motivation of the employee.
Traditional in our country, the way to motivate employee is a bonus for him. However, people are not always motivated only by money. For example, the Director of the chief accountant recently became a father. This profession is fairly well paid, so monetary stimulus is not very effective. But the Director can promote that specialist additional days off in case if it requires the accountant perform specific tasks in a compressed period of time. And then the chief accountant will have time to deal with family.In addition to monetary motives, the employee may be socially directed motives, career motives.
Career motives of the employee are associated with its implementation as employee of the company in which he is moving forward and up the ladder.Social motives are associated with the public component of any work. It is possible, in the process, the employee will find new friends, make connections. Therefore, adapting the firm, it will be hard to give up this work not for financial reasons but for social ones.