For this task the Manager must develop and use effective human resources and economic policy. Recruiting workers is not only an appropriate level of competence, but also having intrinsic motivation can significantly improve performance.

It is impossible to motivate the employee, who is not happy in his job. At this stage you need to determine what Your future employees. Usually, in addition to a decent salary, extensive social package, career growth, training, professional development, travel within the country and abroad, employees want respect, recognition, empowerment.

Also as part of the personnel work to increase the motivation of employees is possible with the help of a competent corporate culture and the ideological work that support psychologically healthy microclimate in collective, maximally excluding conflict situations. Joint field trips, excursions, sporting events, fitness centers and swimming pools significantly brings together employees, which beneficially affect interaction at work.

With the help of a competent provisions on wages, suggesting the possibility of use of modern flexible systems of remuneration and material motivation, you can also increase the interest of employees in the performance of the organization. Great effect in this direction is the introduction of performance bonuses not only quantitative but also qualitative. Quality indicators are developed separately for all services, departments in charge of the relevant units and enable a more equitable way to assess the contribution of each employee.

Then, using human and economic levers, you must use management practices to teach the subordinates to measure the success of this work, to raise awareness about the activities of the organization, asking them about their work and giving the opportunity to make separate decisions on their own.