Bamboo is very unpretentious, but despite this, still needs to be light and cool. And, of course, the bamboo is put regular watering. In winter, the plant can withstand temperatures of 12-16оС. But watering should be abundant. The same goes for the summer. The land under the stem should not be dry.
The bamboo stalk is perfectly resistant to dry air, its leaves and trunk do not require frequent spraying. However, in the growth period (summer) it should still be regularly moisten with warm water and sometimes feed.
Indoor bamboo does not have to water daily – this will depend on the species of plant. It "tells" that it requires. The main indicator of the condition of the soil. Dry or quick-drying ground needs frequent wetting and fertilizing, and a moist, crumbly with odor or mold will indicate that the irrigation is excessive. Skativshiesya and yellowing leaves indicates a lack of moisture, but the sagging of the shoots and leaves, opposite, about excess moisture.
For irrigation use rebuilt water at room temperature. It is possible to dilute a strong brew, but without the tea leaves, they can cause rotting of the roots. Do not water the bamboo water from the tap, the chlorine inhibits the plant. You can use the melt water, cooked in the home. From April to August every two weeks bamboo to feed complex fertilizers (for example, "rainbow", "Giant", "Ideal").
If growing bamboo in water containers, not in the ground, enough to change the water every two weeks and feed mineral supplements - they will provide good nourishment and proper development.